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Would you like to work outside in the green ... or have a meeting with a cool atmosphere ... or combine work'n'travel ?

We have a super-duper alternative that we can offer you with our brand new T@B320.

If your car does not have a hook, we simply deliver this thing to your house, garden or wherever you like to work ... sligtly cooler our biz-roamer ...

The camper offers a seating area, which can easily converted into a 2x2m bed. Enough space for 2 persons (possibly an add. kid). It also has a fridge, small kochen (with cooker and sink) and a heating system powered by gas. 

Although small, it has a lot of storage and it comes with all kind of equipment (kitchen equipment, chairs and tables for outside, a tent that can reattached and an awning - only if required). have a look at the pictures in pur gallery.

The business equipment includes a printer, USB ports are installed (the camper has to be attached to a 220V power line or the battery of the car - be careful that the battery does not unload). WLan should be used by the tethering function of your mobile phone or the local plan of your home or camping ground. 


The size of the camper is also ideal for people that are not so familiar with trailer - it's easy to pull and the camper acts well-behaved

... sure, we rent it out,  so to say Cowork-2-go  ...

work outside ... work relaxed in the green with a lot of fresh air 

meet outside ... a meeting of a completely different kind, also outside and undisturbed

work'n'travel ... work and travel at the same time, no matter if you visit a business fair, business meeting or simply a trip ... roam around ...

Do you feel like ?

Get in touch

... and feel free to follow our Insta-channel, if you send us a photo of a cool location with the biz-roamer and authorize us to post it on our Insta-channel, we give you 5% cash back of your booking.

(can be applied only once per booking).

(Online reservations are currently not possible, please contact us by phone or email).


work outside & meet outside

per 1 business day (8h)                                                  EUR 60,00

delivery & pickup service (<15 km)                              EUR 20,00


peak season (> 3 days)                                                  EUR 60,00 / day

low season (> 3 days)                                                     EUR 50,00 / day

cleaning                                                                            EUR 20,00 / once

Deposit (refundable)                                                                                  EUR 300,00 - refundable

all prices are net-prices without German VAT


Havelstrasse 16 (EXLIBRIS Haus)

D-64295 Darmstadt


Telefon (49) 6151 - 787 6860

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