• Contract to rent the camper has to be signed

  • Driver needs a valid driving license

  • Minimum age of the driver: 23 years

  • To travel outside Germany requires approval


  • The car requires a hook which is certified to pull this camper

  • Maximum weight allowed needs to be kept

  • Do not exceed the maximum Trailer load

  • Maximum speed is 100kmh

  • Pay attention to the maximum height at driveways, tunnels or underground car parks


  • Crank support and nose wheel has to be lifted up while driving

  • Before driving, close all doors and tow all loose baggage and items 

  • While driving, no person or pet are allowed in the camper

  • When parking apply the parking brake of the camper 

  • No unattended kids in the camper 

  • Do not enter the roof top of the camper  

  • Pay attention to any combustible material close to the gas heater and cooker


  • Keep the camper clean and pay attention to the ventilation 

  • Empty the water canister before you return the camper

  • Before you return: clean the camper, remove all garbage wash all dishes and ensure the fridge is empty

A manual with more details is inside the camper


Special instructions for gas powered equipment


  • While driving no gas equipment is allowed to be used

  • The valve of the gas bootle has to be closed while driving. the tube needs to be dismantled and the protective cap of the gas bottle needs to be used 

  • No additional gas powered equipment inside the camper is allowed 

  • Ensure that the forced ventilation is not blocked 

  • The ventilation of the gas bottle box should never be blocked and this box is not to be used for any storage

  • Do not use additional radiant heaters 

  • Do not use any gas power equipment while refuel the car or inside a garage 

  • While connecting the gas bottle, do not use open fire or smoke

  • Special instruction for the heating system see below (PDF or manual page 68/69)

  • Never ever use the cooker as a heating system 

  • Never let any gas flow out unburned 

  • The fridge has a flame arrester. The arrester automatically closed the gas supply when the flame goes out (Operate the ridge with gas only in exceptional cases  - while driving use 12V and on the camping ground 220V)



Couple the camper


  1. Apply the parking brake

  2. Lift down the nose wheel to the ground level

  3. Lift the crank support (4)

  4. Drive the car slowly and carefully backwards towards the camper

  5. Pull the drawbar with the coupling over the ball head of the hook - the coupling needs to be open, pull down the nose wheel in order the place the coupling over the ball head. The coupling snaps into place

  6. Lock the coupling properly

  7. Lift and clamp the nose wheel (ensure that the camper would fall on the nose wheel in case the camper gets detached from the car)

  8. Latch the demolition rope

  9. Release the parking brake

  10. Attach the power cable to the car (Ensure the cable does not hit the ground while driving)

  11. Check all the lights (eg. for the brake, the indicator and the back lights)



Park the camper (without the car)


  1. De-couple the camper

  2. Level the camper

  3. In case of a hillside position block the wheels

  4. Apply the crank support

  5. Apply the parking brake





Gas cooker


  • Open the door, window or skylight when using the cooker -> choking hazard

  • Monitor the ignition process 

  • Use the flame arrestor  -> danger of fire




  1. Open both valves (gas bottle and inside the kitchen cabinet) 

  2. Lift the cover of the cooker

  3. Enflame the burner of the cooker by pressing the button (keep pressing) 

  4. Light the gas and contine to push the button for about 10 seconds 

  5. Choose the burner power 

  6. When cooking completed turn the button to position Zero (0) 




Can be operated with 220 V, 12V (Car) or Gas - choose the mode with the toggle switch


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